case management


Who is this right for?

Case management services are appropriate for people who need assistance in making specific changes in their lives, but who do not feel that talk therapy will be helpful. People use this option when they need guidance in reaching very specific goals and when they do better with concrete action. This service is generally beneficial for people ages 15 and over.


What is it?

I utilize case management to help develop goals with clients and then work with them to develop plans to carry them out. Each session will focus on a goal and how we will make progress towards the goal. Any barriers or roadblocks will be assessed and worked through. As an individual reaches their specific goals, the level of service may decrease. Case management can sometimes be shorter in duration than traditional talk therapy, depending on the goals and motivation to reach those goals.


How do we do it?

Some people find it helpful to have supportive persons in their lives helping them reach their goals. For youth, it may be their parents or for adults, it may be their significant other or a sibling. When engaging in Case Management, we will work with a team of individuals that you choose to discuss your strengths, challenges, and how you would like to be supported.  Sometimes your support persons will be a quiet voice in the room, and other times they may be asked to help in a more specific way (such as providing transportation to a driving test or helping to call a doctor). Each meeting will be goal focused and specific timelines will be set to reach the goal or make progress towards the goal.